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ExpressCard Avangard Bank Express Card is a free instant-issue payment card. It can be used both to pay for goods and services, including via the Internet, and to draw cash anywhere in the world.

To obtain this card, you are required to present only your passport and migration card. A notarized translation of your passport is not required.

Express Card holders can top up their card accounts (by depositing cash, via card-to-card transfers, etc.) and exercise debit transactions that do not require physical presentation of the card (e.g. payment transactions on the Internet, transfer operations from card to card via third-party online services, operations performed via Avangard Internet Banking, etc.).

Express Card is the simplest and quickest way to get connected to Internet Banking.

Avangard Bank Express Card means:

  • Instant issue
  • Validity period of up to 6 years
  • Free issue and servicing
  • Rubles as the card currency
  • Free SMS-notification of card transactions and available balance
  • Free connection to Avangard Internet Banking

Express Card may be issued for customers having neither deposits nor current or card accounts with Avangard Bank.

Avangard Internet Banking features:

  • Accessible via www.avangard.ru from any PC any place in the world, where the Internet is available, and also from cell phone and IPhone
  • No-commission payments for more than 200 services (mobile communication, Internet access, commercial television etc.)
  • Ruble money transfers to other banks (including tuition fees): 10 rubles irrespective of the amount of transfer
  • Money transfers within the Bank free of charge basis
  • Use of payment templates
  • Online currency purchase/sale
  • Online Western Union money transfers
  • Online placement of deposits for a period of 10 days to 1 year in rubles, US dollars and euros, as well as multicurrency deposits

Example of tuition fee payment via the Avangard Internet Banking system pdf
Terms and conditions of payment card issue pdf

Tariffs for servicing the settlement cards Express Card

Article «Settlements on the Card Account» is the same for all types of cards.
Article «Services and Additional Options for the Cards Express Cards» is individual for each type of cards.